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: 50 Easy Party Cakes
: Debbie Brown
: Merehurst Limited
: 2017
: 31
: / English

If you are planning a party, and are pushed for time, then look no further! This collection of striking yet simple cake designs is guaranteed to provide an easy solution to the problem of creating the perfect cake for any birthday party or celebration. Debbie Brown combines her exceptional flair for color and design with her unique fondant modeling skills to simplify her eye-catching cake designs, some of which you may have never dreamed you could achieve.

This cake cookbook is filled with cakes which will appeal to children of all ages. Instantly lovable animal cakes include a Friendly Frog, Sporty Spider, and Noah's Ark, while the Fairy Toadstool, Dotty Dragon and Alien Spaceship are among a number of fantasy ideas. Sports fans will enjoy the Soccer Player and Formula 1 Car. Keep older children entertained with the Glitter Bag and Make-up. Meanwhile, younger children will adore the Playful Kitten on a Ball of Wool and the Cute Yellow Chick.

Ideal for beginners and experienced cake makers alike, each easy-to-follow cake recipe is illustrated with step-by-step photographs and a full-page color picture to guarantee success every time.

Party cake recipes include:

Formula 1 Car
Playful Kitten
Farm Tractor
Little Bo Peep
Skull & Crossbones
Dream Castle
Alien Spaceship
Cute Chick


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