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: George Kerridge, Angela Gackle
: Vines for Wines: A Wine Lovers Guide to the Top Wine Grape Varieties
: CSIRO Publishing
: 2004
ISBN: 0643090665
: English
: pdf
: 5,4 mb
: 104

This book is based on the highly successful Wine Grape Varieties, which is an aid to identifying grape vines. Vines for Wines, however, focuses on wines from the average consumers point-of-view, introducing the different wine grape varieties and the wines made from them, including blends. Each variety is represented by a colour photograph of the grape variety, its current world plantings, wine produced and notes describing the varietal characters for each wine grape variety.

The tasting terms and wine notes for each variety provide a benchmark for the consumer to assess the quality of wines they drink, and to allow them to share and compare their experiences confidently with other wine lovers.


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