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: Savory's Southern Specialties
: Sheri Savory and Dakota Workman
: Stars Publishing
: 2018
: 100
: / English

Have you asked the keeper of your family recipes to write down your favorites so you can recreate them? If you have not, you should ASAP! Sheri Savory is a Historian and Genetic Genealogist with a commitment to preserving traditions. In 1985, Sheri asked her mother to author recipe cards so she could enjoy making some of those that have been passed down. In beautiful cursive writing, the art of baking unfolded as the ink of her pen spelled out instructions for the recipes of her ancestors.

Ingredients and directions for preparation of baked goods like Grandma cake, Grandma rolls, along with Grandma Bread and Butter Pickles are available now. Folks in her family speak with a drawl and share stories of great grandparents that ate brains and eggs and Possum along with other fare known to the American South. Teaching the next generation is key to the longevity of these delicious treasures. Your versions of these delights will have your family and friends coming back for more. It is easy to find savory and sweet dishes with fan favorites like cookies, candy, cakes, southern baking of many types here. This is the best Southern baking cookbook ever and it gives you the most awesome dessert recipes that you have ever tasted.


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