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: Vegan Junk Food, Expanded Edition
: Lane Gold
: Adams Media
: 2018
: 106
: / English

Who said a vegan diet has to be boringthese healthy and satisfying twists on your favorite junk food let you have the best of both worlds! Have you committed to a vegan diet, but still find yourself dreaming of those taboo sugary, salty, and fried treats of your past? Dont panicyour old favorite junk foods may not be as bygone as you think

Vegan Junk Food, Expanded Edition proves that going vegan doesnt mean giving up your favorite comfort foods, or sustaining on plain broccoli and tofu every night of the week. With over 200 delicious (and animal-friendly!) twists on your favorite junk foodsfrom Loaded Nachos to Cheesy Kale Chipsyoull learn to make savory snacks that will satisfy your lingering cravings. Perfect for parties, snacks-on-the-go, or even late-night treats, these fun and easy recipes will impress friends and family alikeand might even inspire them to follow you on the path to a vegan lifestyle!


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