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: The Gilded Cake: The Golden Rules of Cake Decorating for Metallic Cakes
: Faye Cahill
: SewandSo
ISBN: 1446307115
: 2018
: 470
: Mirknig.su
: 39,0

Make cakes that sparkle with this comprehensive guide to metallic cakes from leading wedding cake designer Faye Cahill. Faye begins by exploring all the different materials available to the modern cake decorator, from gold leaf to edible paint, food-grade sprays, edible glitters, lustre dusts, edible sequins and more, then shows you in step-by-step detail the techniques you need for success. Twelve stunning gilded cake projects follow, showing you how to put your newfound skills to use on creative cake designs, each with an accompanying smaller project that is perfect for beginners to tackle before attempting the larger cake. Create spectacular cakes that shimmer and shine with this unique must-have guide.


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