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: COOKING LIGHT 20-Minute Weeknight Meals
: Editors Of Cooking Light
: Cooking Light
: 2016
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After a long day at work, getting stuck in traffic, and picking up the kids, theres still one piece of unfinished business: What to have for dinner? You want fast, but you still want fresh and there simply arent enough hours in the day to prepare a home-cooked meal or so you thought! The editors of Cooking Light provide a solution to the dreaded Whats for dinner? conundrum in Cooking Light 20-Minute Weeknight Meals. All you need is 20 minutes start to finish - from the time you walk in the door to the time you sit down at the table as Cooking Light helps you prepare a hearty and healthy meal in less time than it takes to wait for delivery.

With 86 quick and easy recipes, Cooking Light 20-Minute Weeknight Meals provides a range of dishes including meats, poultry, seafood, vegetarian, pasta, and sides. We keep it simple: we are committed to only using minimally processed ingredients and then we enhance them with fresh and bold flavors. Even more, most of our dishes only require five ingredients that come together in one pan. Cooking Light promises you savory, speedy, and ultimately, satisfying recipes for more family time and less kitchen time. After all, these arent just some of our speediest recipes; theyre some of our favorites. Ready, set, cook!


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