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: The Just Bento Cookbook 2: Make-Ahead, Easy, Healthy Lunches To Go (Just Bento Cook)
: Makiko Itoh
: Kodansha USA
ISBN: 1568365799
: 2018
: 124
: Mirknig.su
: 69,3

The author of the best-selling Just Bento Cookbook is back with hundreds of delicious new Japanese-lunchbox-style recipes including many low-carb, vegetarian, and vegan options that can be made quickly and without a lot of fuss.
The passion for bento boxes shows no signs of letting up. Leading the way in popularizing these compact and portable boxed meals has been Makiko Itoh, blogger extraordinaire and author of the perennial bestseller, The Just Bento Cookbook. Itoh was instrumental in spreading the word that bentos are perfect for busy adults-on-the-go they don't have to be cute and they don't have to take a lot of planning or prep time in order to be tasty, nutritious, and economical.


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