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: Instant Pot Baby Food and Toddler Food Cookbook
: Barbara Schieving
: Harvard Common Press
ISBN: 1558329692
: 2019
: 179
: 16,4

Harness the power of your Instant Potor other electric pressure cooker or multi-cookerto make fresh and flavorful, safe and natural, fast and convenient foods for your baby or toddler!
Parents everywhere are turning to do-it-yourself baby food making. They do so to ensure that the food they feed their children is all-natural and free of additives. They do it because, in recent years, pediatricians and dietitians have been recommending that a baby's dietand especially a toddler's dietfeature a wide variety of ingredients, well beyond what you can buy in jars at the supermarket. And, nothing to sneeze at, they do it to save moneysometimes lots of money.


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