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: 30-Minute Heart Healthy Cookbook: Delicious Recipes for Easy, Low-Sodium Meals
: Cheryl Strachan
: Rockridge Press
: 2019
: PDF (conv)
: 100
: 5,5

Food is a critical driver of heart health, and this cookbook helps you take the wheel. The 30-Minute Heart Healthy Cookbook is full of simple, satisfying meals you can make for you and your family in 30 minutes or less. You dont have to sacrifice enjoyment to eat a low-sodium dietthe recipes in this heart healthy cookbook are full of flavor to keep you (and your heart) happy.
Meal planning tips, a grocery shopping guide, and at-a-glance food charts make it easy to prepare nutritious meals. Many recipes call for just five ingredients, and all are designed for efficiencyso you can nourish yourself with delicious food from this heart healthy cookbook even when youre short on time or energy.


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