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Sea Salt Sweet: Sea Salt Sweet
: Heather Baird
: Running Press
: 2015
: 78,1
: / English

If you've ever dipped pretzels in melted chocolate or sprinkled salt over a juicy melon slice, then youve discovered the magic alchemy in mixing saltiness with sweetness. The recipes in Sea Salt Sweet take it up a notch, combining these two great tastes in ways youve never imagined. Award-winning blogger and master baker Heather Baird teaches you how to use fine artisan salts from Maldon Sea Salt and Red Hawaiian Salt, to Himalayan Black and French Grey Salt to make mouthwatering desserts for any occasion. From sure-to-please classics like Chocolate Chunk Kettle Chip Cookies and Lemon Pie with Soda Cracker Crust, to more exotic choices like Black Sesame Cupcakes with Matcha Buttercream or Smoke & Stout Chocolate Torte, Sea Salt Sweet offers delectable must-try treats for the salty-sweet lover.

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