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Milkbar Memories: Milkbar Memories
: Jane Lawson
: Murdoch Books
: 2016
: 42,4
: / English

Retro in style and theme, but very much a contemporary cookbook in its approach, Milk Bar Memories is theauthor's ode to wonderful old-fashioned treats connected with her 1970s childhood. Food strongly associatedwith memories of simpler times: juicy burgers and the maltiest of milkshakes; golden fish and chips; flakypastriedmeat pies and sausage rolls; vanilla slice and custard tarts. These 'fun foods'-120 in total-are allmade from scratch with real, healthy ingredients for a 21st century audience. Chapters include 'Milk Bar';'The Baker's'; 'Fish and Chip Shop'; 'Lolly Shop'; 'Corner Store'.

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