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The Speedy Sneaky Chef: The Speedy Sneaky Chef
: Missy Chase Lapine
: Running Press
: 2011
: 13,4
: / English

New York Times bestselling author Missy Chase Lapine inspired legions of parents to sneak good food into their childrens meals with The Sneaky Chef. Now she extends her concept of sneakiness into speediness: giving her fans 75 all-new healthy recipes that they can prepare in a flash. Missy knows that most parents rely on packaged foods to feed their families, and shell show how to reap the benefits of convenience foods without sacrificing nutrition, including:

Quick fixes for jarred tomato sauce, mac-and-cheese, pancake mixes and cereals.
Clever Shortcuts that will get weeknight cooks out of the kitchen in a hurry.
Info on navigating options in the supermarket, what to look for when choosing packaged foods, shaving minutesand caloriesfrom every shopping trip.
Recipes that are dense in nutrients, while low in calories, fat, sodium, and sugars.
Fast tips such as Sneaky Swaps and Sneaky Supercharges that will kick meals up a notch.

Best of all, The Speedy Sneaky Chef offers the best thing of all: time! Less time in the kitchen means more family time. Plus theres the peace of mind of knowing that meals are not just convenient, but healthy.


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