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The Vegan Scoop: The Vegan Scoop
: Wheeler del Toro
: Fair Winds Press
: 2009
: 24,3
: / English

Have you ever wanted to have dessert, but thought 'If only there was one I can eat without piling on the pounds'? Now you can! Bring the pleasures of home-made ice-cream into your home with these 150 recipes for delicious, frozen treats that are rich and creamy - and with a third less of those calories! Developed by dedicated vegan Wheeler Del Toro, these feature both soy and nut milk blends, along with easily-found vegan-certified ingredients, perfect for vegans, and suitable for anyone dieting, with lactose or dairy intolerance and allergies. Simple to prepare, easy to make, you can bring these delicious and innovative desserts into your own home for a family meal, dinner party, celebration, or as part of your lifestyle.

The book is divided into six sections, including: Classic Flavours - chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, etcetera; Fruity Flavours, banana, nectarine, papaya, fig, etcetera; Healthy has Dark Chocolate and Acai Berries, a powerful antioxidant, avocado and lemon lowers cholesterol, coconut sweet curry, full of essential oils; Caribbean flavours, ginger-lychee, starfruit, key lime, ginger beer, dark and stormy; Asian Flavours include wasabi, sweet potato, green tea and almond cookie, whilst aphrodisiac has lavender, tarragon and pink pepper, rosewater, and basil; and, Experimental features apple pie, earl grey, brown sugar caramel, and night-time includes tequila sunrise, mojito, champagne, cosmos, pomegranate martini for that sophisticated, fun ending to a dinner-party!

Also included are recipes for desserts like Roasted Pineapple Compote, Spicy Cherry Salsa, Crispy Water Chestnuts with Fresh Pineapple, and more, ensuring you are never without a delicious, healthy dessert that leaves you satisfied and not worrying about piling on the pounds!

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