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William Blake
: Kathleen Raine
: William Blake
: Praeger Publishers
: 1970
: 220
: English
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The mystical world of William Blakepoet, painter, and engraverwhich was largely misunderstood during his lifetime, has in succeeding generations exercised a mesmeric fascination. With the ideal of Salvation implicit throughout his art, Blake's was an intensely Christian philosophy; Kathleen Raine, however, who is well known as both a poet and a Blake scholar, believes his genius was akin to that of the Old Testament prophets, whom he so greatly admired, and that he addressed himself to the dwellers in Albion much as the prophets had addressed themselves to the Jewish people. In this study of his life, thought, and art, she explains how, for Blake, the arts were not an end in themselves, but, rather, that they expressed his vision of the spiritual drama of the English national being.

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