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Greek Art (World of Art)
: Greek Art (World of Art)
: John Boardman
: Praeger
: 1973
: 256
: 37.2
: English

The beginnings of Western Art are to be sought in the arts of ancient Greece. There the standards and conventions of an art form which has satisfied Rome, the Renaissance and much of the modern world were first evolved and perfected. Origins are worth studying for their own sakes, but there are several reasons why our knowledge of Greek art should go farther than appreciation of the perfection and beauty of the masterpieces of Classical Athens. For one thing, Greek art had its own beginnings too, and not the least impressive thing about its history is the speed and sureness with which it developed from abstract geometry, through idealized representations of the human body at rest or in action, to a full range of expressive and emotional studies. Mr Boardman presents it as a live and changing subject, to be enjoyed in its full variety and not only in its better known masterpieces. In this revised edition of a book.

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