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The Art of Gothic
: Rolf Toman
: Konemann
: The Art of Gothic
: 2004
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: 523

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The awesome diversity of a fascinating epoch of European art and culture is presented in this wide-ranging illustrated volume. It presents the history of Gothic architecture from its origins and blossoming in 12th-century France through its dissemination in all of Europe; and an in-depth discussion of the most diverse art forms, including painting, sculpture, metalwork and book illumination. It includes individual essays on special themes such as heresy or the Cathars, the development of cities or the Papal Palace in Avignon. It is richly illustrated with photographs, most of which were taken specifically for this book. The Gothic period is one of the first epochs in art history from which artworks of all kinds have been preserved: from cathedrals, castles and palaces to masterful paintings and the most filigree works of goldsmiths, this volume displays the breadth and richness of a unique craftsmanship. Specific contributions delve into the development of Gothic architecture in France, as well as the national characteristics it took on from Spain and Portugal to northern and eastern Europe. Entire chapters are devoted to the Papal Palace of Avignon and the splendour of Gothic glass painting. This volume provides an overview of the artistic diversity of the Gothic - in no small part through the richness of the illustrations - that could scarcely be more vivid.

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