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1,000 Ideas for Graffiti and Street Art: 1,000 Ideas for Graffiti and Street Art
: Cristian Campos
: Rockport Publishers
: 2011
: 111,3
: / English

Graffiti and street art used to be a sure sign of a neighborhoods neglect. Even though it is still a countercultural art form, its role has grown: it enlivens public space, provides social commentary, and adds humor and color to the urban and suburban landscape.

1,000 Ideas for Graffiti and Street Art is a showcase of urban art suitable for artists of any medium, designers, and other creative artists looking for urban-style inspiration for their visual work. A visual catalog, it is both a practical, inspirational handbook and a coffee-table conversation piece. Graffiti and street artistsrebellious and non-rebellious alikewill relish the opportunity to have so many ideas for color play, illustration, and wild expressions at their fingertips.

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