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Decorative Arts Style & Design from Classical to Contemporary
: Decorative Arts Style & Design from Classical to Contemporary
(): Judith Miller
: A Dorling Kindersley Book
: 2006
ISBN: 1405312904
: 442
: English
: 103 MB

This is a comprehensive guide to the history and development of style and design from 1700 to the present day, from No.1 antiques and collectables expert Judith Miller. From priceless Oriental porcelain and Huguenot silver to exquisite Art Deco glass and minimalist contemporary chairs, explore the entire spectrum of decorative pieces including furniture, ceramics, silverware, glass, textiles, sculpture, clocks, and posters through the centuries. Discover how to identify the key features and motifs, materials and techniques that influenced design and their significance. Uncover the stories behind the key designers and craftsmen, and the movements they represent. Over 3,000 beautiful items reveal the style and beauty of furnishings and objects used to decorate interiors
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