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1000 Dog Portraits: From the People Who Love Them
: 1000 Dog Portraits: From the People Who Love Them
(): Robynne Raye
: Rockport Publishers
: 1000 Series
: 2014
ISBN: 1592539017
: 320
: English
: 100 MB

"Some of our greatest historical and artistic treasures we place with curators in museums; others we take for walks." - Roger A. Caras, Animal Welfare Activist. 1000 Dog Portraits is a compilation of quirky, fun, fanatical illustrations, paintings, collages and drawings from designers and artists around the globe. From hounds to herding dogs, and mutts to terriers, there is a diverse range of artistic renditions from naive and abstract to traditional portraiture. Artist and designer Robynne Raye curates this collection that is a study guide on style for the budding artist as well as a book of inspiration to the practicing professional. There's even a chapter called, "How Many Ways Can You Draw A Beagle?" showing the myriad of ways an artist can depict a single breed of dog. So rev up your illustration muscle and be inspired by this loving tribute to man's best friend.

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