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The Complete Book of Erotic Art
: Kronhausen, Phyllis; Kronhausen, Eberhard
: The Complete Book of Erotic Art
: Bell Publishing
: 1978
ISBN: 978-0517248935
: English
: pdf
: 138 mb
: 640

It is clear from the collection presented here that erotic art is not the preoccupation of the perverted few, but of the creative geniuses of all times, and that it is meant for the enjoyment of the many. As modern society sheds the unnatural taboos with which primitive fear and superstition have surrounded sexuality, erotic art may yet become a mark of gracious living in the home and a vital force in the visual arts themselvesperhaps their last, still largely unexplored frontier.

Notable is a group of erotic watercolors by George Grosz, which has never been published before. Likewise, there is a significant body of erotic works by Hans Bellmer and Karel Appel, which is generally unknown, despite these artists' large followings. The examples of early Western erotic art shown here (excluding the Greek and Roman) provide an interesting background to the present-day American and European artists whose work is included, for the early pieces are mostly in a romantic lyrical strain while the moderns cover an enormous range of styles.

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