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Art Deco (DK Collector's Guides)
Название: Art Deco
Автор: Judith Miller
Издательство: Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd.
Серия: Collector's Guides
Год: 2005
ISBN: 1405307544
Язык: English
Страниц: 241
Формат: True PDF
Размер: 34 МВ

The definitive, all-colour guide for any Art Deco enthusiast, showcasing over 1,000 individually priced items. With up-to-date tips and advice from bestselling expert Judith Miller, this glorious guide will show you all you need to know about Art Deco. From Clarice Cliff to Chanel, you can't afford to buy or sell without it. Judith is the ideal expert to guide both amateur and experienced collectors.
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Название: Encyclopaedia Erotica
Автор(ы): S. J. von Romocki
Издательство: Parkstone
Год: 2005
ISBN: 978-1859958445
Страниц: 288
Язык: English
Формат: True PDF
Размер: 78 MB

Features a collection of photos (B/W and color) that range from sculpture, to paintings, drawings, and photos. Includes many different types of desires. Includes approximate years of creation and artists that created it if known. Insightful. Can be requested from library. This book disregards conventional thinking to present 400 reproductions that illustrate erotic art from Ancient Greece down to the present era in both Europe and Asia. With no inhibition or hesitation, erotic art asserts itself as a key factor of societal development where the quest for pleasure is the sinless attitude of men and women who have determined that reproduction need not be an end in itself.
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English Painting (Temporis Collection)
Название: English Painting (Temporis Collection)
Автор(ы): Ernest Chesneau
Издательство: Parkstone
Год: 2012
ISBN: 1906981892
Страниц: 256
Язык: English
Формат: True PDF
Размер: 82 MB

The English school of painting was officially recognised at the beginning of the 18th century through the work of William Hogarth. It includes works by the most famous English artists, such as Thomas Gainsborough, Joseph Mallord William Turner, John Constable, Edward Burne- Jones, and Dante Gabriel Rossetti. This subject is introduced with a very unique text, published in 1882: a French study of English pictorial art. The author, Ernest Chesneau, was highly-cultured, an art historian and inspector of Fine Arts. He explains the beginnings of this school which excels in portraiture and landscapes, and reminds us of the English brilliance regarding watercolours, not forgetting to include the work of the Pre-Raphaelites.
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Art Deco (Art of Century)
Название: Art Deco
Автор(ы): Victoria Charles, Klaus H. Carl
Серия: Art of Century
Год: 2013
ISBN: 1844848469
Страниц: 200
Язык: English
Формат: True PDF
Размер: 37 MB

Art Deco style was established on the ashes of a disappeared world, the one from before the First World War, and on the foundation stone of a world yet to become, opened to the most undisclosed promises. Forgetting herself in the whirl of Jazz Age and the euphoria of the “Années Folles”, the Garçonne with her linear shape reflects the architectural style of Art Deco: to the rounded curves succeed the simple and plain androgynous straight line…
Architecture, painting, furniture and sculpture, dissected by the author, proclaim the druthers for sharp lines and broken angles. Although ephemeral, this movement keeps on influencing contemporary design.
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A Pictorial History of Horror Stories
Название: A Pictorial History of Horror Stories
Автор(ы): Peter Haining
Издательство: Treasure Press
Год: 1975
ISBN: 1850510598
Язык: English
Формат: PDF HQ
Размер: 150 MB

A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF HORROR STORIES: Two Hundred Years of Illustrations from the Pulp Magazines This book is basically a page-for-page reprint of Haining's earlier book entitled "Terror: A History of Horror Illustrations from Pulp Magazines." There is no new material. The only difference is it is a hardback with different cover art. While it's quite thorough in visually documenting the evolution of horror illustration from the "penny-dreadful" magazines of the Victorian age through the pulps of the '30s and '40s, it has a major shortcoming – most of the luridly colorful pulp magazine cover images are reproduced in B&W. That makes for a very monotonous read. These days, newer books about the pulps always reproduce the covers in glorious color. Why they didn't see fit to do that in the '70s and and '80s is a mystery and a shame. Someone needs to revisit the subject of horror pulps and do it right. 4to, glossy illus bds with lurid picture of monster attacking a sleeping woman, 176pp. Lavishly illus in colour and in B&W. Many artists are represented: Mary Byfield, Henry Anelay, John Gilbert, Sidney Paget, Margaret Brundage, etc. These illustrations are always fascinating. A feast of nightmares in pictures, rescued from the crumbling pages of long dead periodicals. Ranges over 200 years of gory, ghoulish and terrifying from the first Gothic engravings of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein to that rich and varied treasure house of horror illustrations.
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Сказания русского народа, собранные И.П. Сахаровым
Название: Сказания русского народа, собранные И.П. Сахаровым. Русское народное чернокнижие. Русские народные игры, загадки, присловья и притчи
Автор: Сахаров И.П.
Издательство: Издание А.С. Суворина
Год: 1885
Формат: PDF
Страниц: 298
Размер: 16,7 MB
Язык: Русский

Замечательный труд по русскому народоведению, включающий в себя сказания о народном чернокнижии, ворожбе и гадании, описания русских народных игр, примет и обрядов. Также включает в себя народный календарь. Составлено Иваном Петровичем Сахаровым (1807-1863), известным русским этнографом-фольклористом, археологом и палеографом.
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A Pictorial History of Horror Movies
Название: A Pictorial History of Horror Movies
Автор(ы): Denis Gifford
Издательство: Book Sales
Год: 1977
ISBN: 0600369269
Страниц: 221
Язык: English
Формат: PDF
Размер: 72 MB

Hard cover book, comprehensive overview of the horror movie genre. Fully illustrated with great photographs. While most of the photographs in the book are black and white on cheap paper that easily yellowed, there are a few nice full page color glossies, one, most notably a full page picture from a rare and difficult to find film starring Boris Karloff called "The Sorcerers" (Tigon 1967).
The black and whites are easily every bit as fascinating, offering a good blend of images from many classic films as well as a host of rare and seldom seen images, such as pictures from Georges Melies silent films done at the edge of the 19th century, featuring amazingly well crafted demons, devils, skeletons, and assorted fantastical creatures and events, (including one of the first cinematographic ventures to to the Moon). Also striking were pictures from Terror in the Sun (Ungar 1961), and some of the Asian titles very few outside of Japan were seeing i.e. "The Snake Girl and the Silver Haired Witch" , Living Skeleton (Schochiku 1968), and "Horror of Malformed Men" (Toei 1969). But beyond the awesome pictorial record, there are tidbits of information and very cool and obscure facts about many of the movies and artists we are all familiar with, as well as the many of the less familiar. From Melies to Poe, from "Fiend Without a Face" to the "Mad Doctor of Blood Island" and from all across the World, Denis Gifford presented an intoxicating look into the heart of the Beast that is the World of Horror and SciFi film-making.
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Проблемы теории и истории мировой культурыНазвание: Проблемы теории и истории мировой культуры
Год издания: 1974
Ред.: Пиотровский Б.Б.
Жанр или тематика: Сборник статей памяти академика Н. И. Конрада
Издательство: Наука
Язык: Русский
Формат: DjVu
Качество: Отсканированные страницы + слой распознанного текста
Интерактивное оглавление: Нет
Количество страниц: 185
Размер: 5,6 мб

В сборник вошли статьи по различным проблемам истории мировой культуры и прежде всего культуры Востока, связанные с многогранной деятельностью акад. Н. И. Конрада — выдающегося ученого-востоковеда и педагога.
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Царства иноков на окраинных землях Российского государства
Название: Царства иноков на окраинных землях Российского государства
Автор: Масленникова Д.С.
Издательство: Хабаровск: Изд-во Тихоокеан. гос. ун-та
Год: 2014
Формат: pdf
Страниц: 163
Размер: 16 mb
Язык: Русский

Монография посвящена архитектурно-историческим аспектам монастырского зодчества на территории Дальнего Востока России, где такой многогранный и слож­ный феномен как православный монастырский комплекс с самого начала своего воз­никновения был отмечен чертами регионального своеобразия. Монастырские ансамбли на окраинных землях Российского государства рассматриваются как сложная сакраль­но-архитектурная конструкция, многоуровневая структура из высших духовных и ма­териально-бытовых составляющих, формирующаяся очень длительное время - со вто­рой половины XVII и до начала XX в.
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Скульптура в произведениях золотого и серебряного дела. Набор открыток
Название: Скульптура в произведениях золотого и серебряного дела
Автор(ы): Е. Моршакова
Издательство: Изобразительное искусство
Серия: Набор открыток
Год: 1981
Страниц: 50
Язык: Русский
Формат: PDF 300 dpi
Размер: 29 MB

Скульптура в произведениях золотого и серебряного дела из собрания Оружейной Палаты Московского Кремля. Набор из 22 открыток.
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