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American Indian Tomahawks
: American Indian Tomahawks
(): Harold Leslie Peterson
: Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation
: 1971
: 272
: English
: 19 MB

Chapter I. A Matter of Words
II. The Indian and the Tomahawk
III. The Simple Hatchet or Belt Axe
IV. The Missouri War Hatchet
V. The Spontoon Tomahawk
VI. The Halberd or "Battle Axe" Tomahawk
VII. The Spiked Tomahawk
VIII. Tomahawks with Hammer Polls
IX. Celtiform Tomahawks
X. The Pipe Tomahawk
XL The White Man and the Tomahawk
XII. Naval Boarding Axes
Directory of Makers and Dealers
Index to Provenience
Appendix: "The Blacksmith's Shop," hy Milford G. Chandler
Captions to Photographs

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