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Gun Digest Book of Exploded Gun Drawings
: Gun Digest Book of Exploded Gun Drawings
(): Kevin Muramatsu
: Gun Digest Books; Third Edition
: 2015
ISBN 13: 978-1440243493
: 1154
: English
: PDF (True)
: 52 MB

Parts identification for more than 1,000 guns!
Revised and expanded to include the newest, most popular guns on the market, this book is the must-have reference for gunsmiths, gun shops, collectors, shooters, and do-it-yourselfers. This collection is the perfect aid for anyone looking to identify and order replacement parts, or disassemble a gun for cleaning and simple repair. Gun Digest Book of Exploded Gun Drawings 3rd Edition is the definitive, one-volume resource, with more than 1,000 detailed, easy-to-understand isometric drawings with parts identification for modern and vintage handguns, rifles and shotguns. Featuring a bonus excerpt from Gun Digest Guide to Maintaining and Accessorizing Firearms!

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