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United States Marine Corps
: United States Marine Corps
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The United States Marine Corps (USMC) is a branch of the United States Armed Forces responsible for providing power projection from the sea, using the mobility of the U.S. Navy to rapidly deliver combined-arms task forces. The U.S. Marine Corps is one of the four branches in the U.S. Department of Defense as well as one of the seven uniformed services of the United States. It operates posts on land and aboard sea-going amphibious warfare ships around the world. The Marine Corps has been a component of the U.S. Department of the Navy since 1834, working closely with naval forces for training, transportation, and logistics. The U.S. Marine Corps has around 194,000 active duty members and just under 40,000 reserve Marines as of 2007. It is the smallest of the United States Armed Forces in the U.S. Department of Defense.

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