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The Bomb Vessel Granado 1742 (Anatomy of the Ship)
: The Bomb Vessel Granado 1742
(): Peter Goodwin
: Conway Maritime Press
: Anatomy of the Ship
: 1989
ISBN: 0851775225
: 128
: English
: 53 MB

The aim of this series is to provide the finest documentation of individual ships ever produced through illustrations offering enthusiasts a novel insight into ship design and construction. Each volume includes a service and design history and a section emphasising close-up and on-board photos.
By the seventeenth century large mortars had been used for siege warfare on land for many years; owing, however, to its size, weight and tremendous recoil, the conception of employing such a weapon at sea had never been seriously considered. In comparison to standard ordnance, the mortar had many advantages: its greater range permitted it to be fired from a position well outside the scope of defending artillery, and its projectiles, whether in the form of explosive shells or carcasses (incendiary devices), could be fired at a high trajectory beyond low-lying hills and coastal fortifications. Because sea-going ordnance offered none of these advantages, laying a siege from the sea with conventional armament proved difficult lor the attacking fleet. The idea of using sea mortars was that of the ingenious Basque Bernard Renan D'Hlieagaray, who in 1682 introduced a purpose-built ship, ihcgalioted hombe. This vessel, based on the Dutch galliot was short in length and broad in beam, ideal as a stable gun platform. These llute-sterned vessels were given a ketch rig, where the absence of a foremast gave two advantages. First, two mortars could be placed athwartships, before the mainmast; second, it permitted a clear arc of fire ahead. The only disadvantage of this rig was that the sail area was limited. This problem was overcome by increasing the mainmast height and the size of the mainsail, and by enlarging the hcadsails. On the whole, however, this rig was not satisfactory and often proved unmanageable.

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