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: Colonel Ret. John R. Elting
: Military Uniforms in America: Era of the American Revolution
: Presidio Press
: 1975
ISBN: 0891410007
: English
: pdf
: 117,7 mb
: 140 p.: ill.

Based on over twenty-live years of detailed research, these descriptive illustrations represent the combined work of American, Canadian, and European artists and historians.

To provide additional color as well as a better understanding of military terminology of the period, an unusual glossary has been prepared and illustrated. Many of the definitions used have been taken directly from the 1802 edition of James' A New and Enlarged Military Dictionary or Alphabetical Explanation of Technical Terms... The colorful contemporary wording from this work has been supplemented with additional definitions and illustrations.

As a definitive portrayal of the uniforms and equipment of the soldiers of the Revolutionary period, this volume will be invaluable to the historian and serious scholar. For the history buff it provides an authentic and illustrated supplement to more definitive works on a struggle for independence.


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