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Images of War - Special Forces Vehicles
: Images of War - Special Forces Vehicles
: Pat Ware
: Pen and Sword
: 2013
: 128
: 61,8

"What is the ideal vehicle for special forces operations, for dangerous missions performed by small units of highly trained troops often working in enemy territory, behind enemy lines? And which vehicles have the worlds armies selected, adapted and developed since modern special forces established themselves as a key arm of the military during the Second World War?
Pat Ware, in this authoritative and highly illustrated book, uses all his expert knowledge of the history of military vehicles to show the fascinating variety of machinery that has been used, from converted Jeeps and Land Rovers to a bizarre collection of even more remarkable, sometimes purpose-built strike vehicles the Scorpion, Cobra and Supacat Jackal, the LRDG Chevrolet, the Mechem, the Pinzgauer and the Warrior among them.

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