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World War I
: World War I
: Neil Heyman
: Greenwood
ISBN: 0313298807
: 1997
: 296
: 20,6

Designed for secondary school and college student research, this book is a readable analysis and ready-reference guide to the war. An introductory essay presents a lucid overview of the main features of the conflict, incorporating the most recent scholarship. Five essays analyze crucial aspects of the war, from the battlefield to the homefront, and a concluding essay assesses the consequences of the war from a contemporary perspective. Ready-reference features include: a chronology of events; lengthy biographical profiles of twenty-one major figures, stressing their role in the war's origins, conduct, or outcome; the text of fifteen key primary documents such as diaries, memoirs, and newspaper editorials; a glossary of selected terms; and an extensively annotated bibliography of recommended further reading and major documentary and feature films made about the war.


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