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Special Ops Vol.24 [Concord 5524]
: Samuel Katz
: Special Ops Vol.24 (Concord 5524)
: Concord Publications
: 2003
: 66
: English
: 134 MB
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This series of journals takes a close-up look at elite military and law enforcement forces from around the world. Explore these elite units and their missions with atmospheric photos of their equipment and personnel. The 64 page format features colour photos throughout, plus an informative text. Each journal has between 4 and 7 independent articles contributed by leading authorities. This volume contains the following articles: From Defensive Shield to the War Against Iraq (Samuel M. Katz), Operation "Unicorn": French Forces in the Ivory Coast Civil War (Yves DeBay), 6 Jagerbrigade: Austria's Gebirgsjager (Carl Schulze), The Devils of Bandit Country: Irish Defense Forces EOD Teams and the 27th Infantry Mobile Security Group (Samuel M. Katz).

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