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The Tartar Road. The Wiking Division
: The Tartar Road. The Wiking Division
(): Dennis Oliver and Stephan Andrew
: ADH Publishing
: Firefly Collection 9
: 2015
ISBN: 0987601369
: 36
: English
: PDF True
: 54 MB

The 5th SS Division Wiking was the first international (western European freiwilligen) Waffen-SS division and the only German armed forces panzer division comprised of foreign troops. Not only did it earn an esteemed combat reputation but also served as an SS finishing school, spinning off a host of additional divisions.Wiking operated exclusively on the Eastern Front. On the offense, it served as a spearhead for operations Barbarossa and Citadel. As a defensive fire brigade, it served in the Cherkassy pocket and in 1944 Hungary. Despite at least one allegation of war crimes, in the main, Wiking earned a reputation for fighting tough but fighting fair.

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