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Tanks (Modern Military Techniques)
: Tanks
: Ian V. Hogg
: Dragon Grafton Books
: Modern Military Techniques
: 1986
ISBN: 0-583-310052
: 47
: English
: 20 MB

Like other books in the series, each volume is comprised of 20 2-page chapters arrranged according to a table of contents. Every page has colorful detailed drawings which illustrate the somewhat technical text. The captions are also very detailed. The diagrams of the helicopter and the howitzer are extremely good and will be the object of close examination. These two books are a little more detailed in their content than are the titles in Watts' ``20th Century Weapons'' series. A survey of the evolution of modern armored tanks, now equipped with computerized electronics, night vision, air filtration, and laser fire control systems, and their tasks and tactics today.

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