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Monino: The Russian Air Force Museum
: Monino: The Russian Air Force Museum
: Colin W. Prentice
: Airlife; illustrated edition
: 1997
ISBN: 1853108987
: 114
: English
: 63 MB

This new book is a photographic tour of the many rare and unusual resident aircraft on display--including both military and civil designs--at the Russian Air Force Museum at Monino near Moscow. These aircraft have only recently become freed from the secrecy that surrounded the U.S.S.R. and can now be seen for the first time. The book contains more than 150 color photos with detailed descriptions of the models depicted. From World War I biplanes to Concordski, many rare, exciting, and eccentric designs are displayed. The aircraft that were once the scourge of NATO can now be viewed at leisure, be they Fagots or Fulcrums, Badgers or Beagles.

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