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: The Stirling File
: Bryce Gomersall
: Air Britain Historians Ltd
ISBN: 0851300723
: 1979
: 97
: 34,0

Throughout the 1930s, the Royal Air Force was interested primarily in twin-engine bombers. These designs put limited demands on engine production and maintenance, both of which were already stretched with the introduction of so many new types into service. However, the limitations in terms of power were so serious that the British invested heavily in development of huge engines in the 2,000 horsepower (1,500 kW) class in order to improve performance. But in the late 1930s, none of these were ready for production. Meanwhile the U.S. and USSR were developing bombers with four smaller engines, which proved to have excellent range and fair lifting capacity, so in 1936 the RAF also decided to investigate the feasibility of the four-engined bomber.


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