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Helmets of the ETO: A Historical & Technical Guide
: Helmets of the ETO: A Historical & Technical Guide
: Regis Giard
: Histoire & Collections
: 2008
: 194
: 131 Mb
: English

This book proposes a complete study of the variants in the manufacturing of the M1 helmet, illustrated with more than 700 full-color photos and presents a new selection of helmets coming from the woodwork, stemming from private collections and museums. The technical evolution of the M1 and its paratrooper conversions M2 and M1 C is summarized in the form of plans and clear synthesis boards. The selection of more than 120 helmets evokes, from Normandy to Germany, the battles of the European Theatre of operation. Numerous photos reveal their peculiarity, pictograms summarize their technical characteristics and legends tell their history. These material witnesses bring to life a conflict which ravaged the western Europe.

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