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: Germanys Combat Helmets 1933-1945: A Modern Study
: Ken Niewiarowicz
: R.James Bender Publishing
: 2009
: 467
: 211 Mb
: English

Throughout the 1970s and on occasion in the 1980s while home on leave from the military, I would patrol the wide and bountiful aisles of the Ohio Gun Collectors Association show, which was one of the greatest gun shows of the old era. It was a superb source for military items as well as weapons, because so many gun collectors at that time were erstwhile militaria buffs. Most were also WWII veterans, and they sometimes brought their own souvenirs to sell. It was common to purchase quality original German helmets there, and the favorite thing to do was get there as early as possible and zoom up and down the aisles hoping to find a jewel for the collection. I recall from that era a few faces of the competition other young collectors who pursued the same prizes; one of them being Ken Niewiarowicz.

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