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The Crimean War: A Russian Chronicle
: The Crimean War: A Russian Chronicle
: Seaton A.
: London: B.T. Batsford Ltd
: 1977
: 232
: pdf
: 128 mb

Military history is often seen from one point of view, and this is especially true of the Crimean War where the 'Charge of the Light Brigade' and Florence Nightingale are, for English speakers, the focal points. This account looks down different gunsightsRussianand re-constructs events as they saw and expressed them in their letters, diaries, despatches, orders, and eye-witness accounts. Albert Seaton, having first set the diplomatic and political scene and having described the make-up, training and equipment of the Russian armies goes on to bring to life those ferocious battles and siegesthe Alma, Balaclava, Inkerman, Sevasatopol and Chernaia Rekaas experienced by the Russians.

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