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British Battleships 1919-1945
: British Battleships 1919-1945
: R A Burt
: Seaforth Publishing
ISBN: 1591140528
: 2013
: 448
: 40,1

This superb reference book achieved the status of classic soon after its first publication in 1993; it was soon out of print and is now one of the most sought-after naval reference books.
And with good reason. Offering an unprecedented range of descriptive and illustrative detail, the author describes the evolution of the battleship classes through all their modifications and refits. As well as dealing with design features, armour, machinery and power plants and weaponry, he also examines the performance of the ships in battle and analyses their successes and failures; and as well as covering all the RNs battleships and battlecruisers, he also looks in detail at the aircraft carrier conversions of the WWI battlecruisers Furious, Glorious and Courageous.

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