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World War I. 3 Volumes and Index

: World War I. 3 Volumes and Index
: Tom Pendergast
: 2002
: pdf
: 234+199+213+32
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World War I. Volume 1. Almanac - covers the war in twelve thematic chapters, each geared toward offering an understanding of a single element of the conflict, from the underlying causes of the war to the many battles fought on the various fronts to the anguished attempt to establish world peace at the wars end. More than 70 black-and-white photos and maps illustrate the text. Numerous sidebars highlight interesting individuals and fascinating facts. The volume also includes a glossary, a timeline, research and activities ideas, sources for further reading, and a subject index.

World War I Volume 2. Biographies - presents biographies of thirty men and women who were involved in World War I. Profiled are readily recognizable figures, such as U.S. president Woodrow Wilson and German leader Kaiser Wilhelm II, as well as lesser-known people like Jewish spy Sarah Aaronsohn and English nurse Edith Cavell.

World War I Volume 3. Primary Sources - offers thirtythree full or excerpted documents from the World War I era. Included are Woodrow Wilsons Fourteen Points speech; excerpts from Ernest Hemingways novel Farewell to Arms; poems from leading war poets such as Alan Seeger and Rupert Brooke; and the Dual Alliance secret treaty between Germany and Austria-Hungary. A sampling of propaganda posters and numerous first-person accounts from soldiers at the front are also present.

"World War I. 3 Volumes and Index"


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