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: Hitler's Secret Commandos: Operations of the K-Verband
: Helmut Blocksdorf
: Pen and Sword
ISBN: 1844157830
: 2008
: 208
: epub
: 10.6 MB

Hitler's Secret Commandos is the history of the K-Verband naval commando unit, established in 1943 to reek havoc amongst invading allied forces involved in amphibious landings or actions, against German-occupied coasts.

Following the Italian and British example, the basic idea was for a small, exceptionally well-trained and absolutely reliable commando force using the maximum element of surprise. Midget U-boats, and small torpedo-carrying craft along the lines of the "explosive boats" used by the Italian Navy, were designed for individual operations while a naval assault troop was formed for missions against important enemy operational targets near the sea after being landed from naval vessels offshore.

Using German archive material, first-hand accounts and other published material this is the first comprehensive history of the K-Verband. It charts the development, structure, selection, training and equipment the Commando unit used together with a detailed narrative of the operations undertaken.

Hitler's Secret Commandos: Operations of the K-Verband


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