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: Steel Boat Iron Hearts: A U-boat Crewman's Life Aboard U-505: Debunking the Myth of the Napoleonic Wars
: Hans Goebeler, John Vanzo
: Savas Beatie
ISBN: 1932714316
: 2011
: EPUB, MOBI, PDF (conv)
: 258
: Mirknig.su
: 5,2

Hans Goebeler is known as the man who pulled the plug on U-505 in 1944 to keep his beloved U-boat out of Allied hands. 'Steel Boat, Iron Hearts' is his no-holds-barred account of service aboard a combat U-boat. It is the only full-length memoir of its kind, and Goebeler was aboard for every one of U-505s war patrols.
Using his own experiences, log books, and correspondence with other U-boat crewmen, Goebeler offers rich and very personal details about what life was like in the German Navy under Hitler. Because his first and last posting was to U-505, Goebelers perspective of the crew, commanders, and war patrols paints a vivid and complete portrait unlike any other to come out of the Kriegsmarine. He witnessed it all: from deadly sabotage efforts that almost sunk the boat to the tragic suicide of the only U-boat commander who took his life during WWII; from the terror and exhilaration of hunting the enemy, to the seedy brothels of France. The vivid, honest, and smooth-flowing prose calls it like it was and pulls no punches.


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