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Spitfire Mk IX/ XVI and other (Kagero TopDrawings 11)
: Stanislaw Mokwa
: Spitfire Mk IX/ XVI and other (Kagero TopDrawings 11)
: Kagero Publishing
: 2011
: 27
: English/Polish
: 53.3 MB

The Supermarine Spitfire was indeed a remarkable aircraft. It was already a legend in the making when the first Mk I machines began to roll off the assembly lines. The Spitfire was one of the classic British fighters in which the famous few bravely faced the mighty Luftwaffe. Although the Messerschmitt Bf 109 was considered superior in certain areas of flight performance, it was the Spitfire that eventually prevailed and helped crush the numerically superior enemy. In this book the reader will find clearly marked areas of skin sections where flush riveting was used. The Spitfire Mk. IXs, as well as other models of the fighter, were often assembled using a variety of parts, including those originally designed for earlier versions of the fighter.

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