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: Codeword Barbarossa
: Barton S. Whaley
: MIT Press
: 1973
: 416
: 40,3 Mb
: English

Many books have been written about the origins and course of the Russo-German war of 1941-1945. But none have looked only at the element of initial surprise. Yet Hitlers achievement of total strategic surprise over Stalin remains a major unsolved problem for historians, political scientists, and intelligence specialists.
This book is an intensive study of the eleven-month period preceding the German attack of 22 June 1941. The standard sources were culled, the intelligence warnings were collated, the networks of information flow were reconstructed, and the interpretations were analyzed.
What emerged was not only an account of the intricacies of intelligence networks and communications systems in this critical period, and of the world leaders and intelligence experts who both ran these systems and were misled by them. What also emerged were the refutation of the generally accepted Wohlstetter communications model, and the development of a new theory of strategic surprise.


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