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: Spies and Secret Wars 3d Edition (Part of the History of War)
: Editorial Director Jon White
: Future PLC
: 2019
: 160
: 163.8 Mb
: English

For every war waged in public view, there are those fought just as tirelessly in the cover of shadows. Featuring covert missions against allied forces, proxy wars in far-flung places, and even those carried out around us, the History of War Book of Spies & Secret Wars reveals the clandestine campaigns that the authorities would rather remained classified. This includes exploring the long history of espionage, how organisations like the CIA and MI6 were set up, and their key missions. This book also unmasks individual spies who have achieved incredible acts of daring-do, backstabbing betrayal, and salacious scandal. You can also discover the real-life spy gadgets, secret weapons, listening devices and codes these agents have employed over the years.


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