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: The Gun Digest Book of the .44
: John Taffin
: Gun Digest Books
ISBN: 0896894169
: 2016
: 290
: 33,8

Every gun has a story to tell and no one tells those stories better than noted Old West and handgun expert John Taffin. In "John Taffin's Book of the.44", readers follow the evolution of this classic American caliber, in a lively, fact-filled journey extending from the blackpowder era to today's magnum models. In this full color book, fans of.44 caliber handguns and rifles will discover: chapters devoted to.44 percussion revolvers, specials, sixguns, magnums, lever guns and wildcat cartridges; variations of.44 handguns from the vintage Colt Model 1872 to Dirty Harry's famous "Make my day" Smith & Wesson Model 29; and exclusive field-tested reloading data to improve shooter success. With a lifetime of experience distilled into its pages, this book gives firearms enthusiasts one more reason to love the.44!


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