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Kampfgruppe Peiper: The Race for the Meuse
: Kampfgruppe Peiper: The Race for the Meuse
: Wayne Evans
: Pen and Sword
ISBN: 1473827043
: 2014
: PDF (conv)
: 192
: 22,3

On 16 December 1944 Hitler's last great offensive commenced, pushing through the difficult terrain of the Ardennes in Belgium. Its objectives were the Meuse bridges and, beyond them, Antwerp. Hitler's aim was to cut off the northern British and American armies and force them to surrender or retreat.
At the forefront of the German assault was Kampfgruppe Peiper of the SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler Division. It was the most powerful force in the German order of battle. Traveling along roads hardly suitable for cars, let alone Tiger tanks, the kampfgruppe had to cross numerous streams and rivers to reach its objectives.

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