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The Azoff Campaign 1855
:Peter Duckers, Neil Mitchell
: The Azoff Campaign 1855
: Kingswood Books
: 1996
: 254
: English
: 107.5 MB

This book compiles official reports, contemporary accounts, medal rolls, and other information regarding the 1855 French and British expedition to raid the Russian coast in the Sea of Azov during the Crimean War. The allies reasoned that this would allow them to cut off the Crimea even further from Russia and prevent further supplies from reaching Russian forces there by sea via the seaports in the Taman Peninsula. This strategy required them to occupy the Strait of Kerch, which was to be undertaken by a joint force of soldiers and warships. Taganrog, at the far eastward end of the Sea of Azov, was selected as a potential target for attack. The British and French prepared 16,000 ground troops and about forty small warships for the "Azov Campaign".


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