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Voices From Jutland: A Centenary Commemoration
: Jim Crossley
: Voices From Jutland: A Centenary Commemoration
: Pen and Sword
ISBN: 1473823714
: 2016
: 11,6
: 224

Jutland was the only major fleet engagement to take place during the First World War, and indeed the only time in history in which columns of great dreadnought battleships fought each other. In spite of terrible losses of life, the battle did nothing to change the strategic situation in northern European waters, in fact it simply confirmed Britains command of the seas and her ability to enforce the blockade which was eventually to lead to Germanys downfall.
This new book examines the strengths and weaknesses of both navies and identifies some of the reasons for the disappointing performance of the Royal Navy in the battle. Confusion and poor staff work in the Admiralty led to a failure to make proper use of the vital information gleaned by Room 40, the brilliant Admiralty intelligence center, which was able to read German signals traffic.

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