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Picture Book of the Continental Soldier
: C. Keith Wilbur
: Picture Book of the Continental Soldier
: Stackpole Books
: 1969
: 104
: English
: 20 MB

Transfixed by the skillful pen of illustrator-author C. Keith Wilbur, the American Revolution comes alive in this panoramic view of the pleasures and privations enjoyed and endured by its soldiers. A pithy, virile text and three-dimensional drawings - both in the pen-and-ink fashion of that day and matching the hardihood of the American fighting man himself - picture the Continental soldier as a living manthe clothes he wore, the gear he carried, his personal effects, the odds he faced, what he made-do with, the food that sustained him, the weapons he took up, the medical supplies that helped him to survive. Using 85 full-page plates of hand-lettered text and meticulously detailed drawings, it offers a lode of information.

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