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Small Unit Actions During the German Campaign in Russia [Illustrated Edition]
: Small Unit Actions During the German Campaign in Russia [Illustrated Edition]
: Burkhart Müller-Hillebrand
: Pickle Partners
ISBN: 1782892532
: 2014
: 412
: 15,7

The most famous of all the German Report Series. Actions Of Small Units During The Russian Campaign 1941-45. 51 maps. This publication was prepared by a number of German officers after the end of World War II. There were a number of these publications, many of which are in publication in the German Report Series by Naval and Military Press. They are all of significant importance in understanding the way in which the war was fought, particularly on the eastern front. This particular publication is perhaps the best known of all the German Report Series, and deals with combat at battalion, company, platoon and even individual level. It is full of small actions that are not reported anywhere else, and the whole book is well illustrated with a series of maps showing the situation of the units and the actions described in such detail.


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