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Lancaster Squadrons 1942-43
: Lancaster Squadrons 194243
: Jon Lake
: Osprey Publishing
: Osprey Combat Aircraft 31
: 2002
ISBN: 1841763136
: 99
: 53.25 MB

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The RAF's most successful heavy bomber of World War 2, the Avro Lancaster formed the backbone of Bomber Command during the large-scale night bombing campaign against occupied Europe. Produced in massive numbers (7300+ up to VE-Day), the first examples entered squadron service on Christmas Eve 1941, and tasted combat the following March. The first of two volumes on the British bomber icon of World War 2, this volume covers the early daylight raids, the first 1000 bomber raids on Germany and the epic Dambusters mission of 16/17 May 1943 by No 617 Sqn. Jon Lake is one of Britain's leading aviation journalists/historians, and secretary of the Freelance Aviation Journalists' Association. He has written a range of books, including the well-received Combat Aircraft volumes on the Blenheim and the Halifax. Chris Davey has illustrated over a dozen titles in the Aces and Combat Aircraft series since 1994. He has become the artist of choice for RAF subject matter, proving his undoubted skill when dealing with large aircraft subjects such as the Halifax and Sunderland.

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